19 February 2011


Last night I saw a movie about a killer tire, and the audience was wild (many people were enjoying themselves).

It would be great if Robert, the killer tire, was the face of modern cinema. When wanting to verify his name as Robert, I checked the cast section at IMDb. When I didn't see Robert mentioned, I clicked "Full cast and crew." His name was not listed there either, and not until I began to scroll around the page did I remember tires are not listed in the cast section at IMDb. And then I appreciated Rubber.

The story of the film is familiar, a killer without a past emerges from the desert, but the hero is a first: the first Dadaistic protagonist of the 21st century (and the Dada movement of the 20th century led to the Surrealism movement of the 20th century[!]). The film celebrates the glory of pure nothingness, nothing for the sake of nothing. The sheriff, in the beginning and end, calls the movie a an homage to no reason.

I'd be very delighted if the casting tapes for Rubber were released to the general public, and also the letters written to potential investors and between producers. They all those involved should be given medals, and the largest medal should go to Quentin Dupieux. He is the type of independent filmmaker who furthers the concept of auteurism, not only because he is the writer, director, cinematographer, camera operator, and composer of his film, but because the film is a personal vision pursued to audacious ends.

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