09 June 2013

movies that are examples of movies i'd make a list out of

thought "i've done this before." i've done this before

this list is barely different from that list

the docks of new york, '28 von sternberg
killer of sheep, '79 burnett
chungking express, '94 kar-wai
friday night, 2002 denis
shadows in paradise, '86 kaurismäki
rebels of the neon god, '92 ming-liang
two or three things i know about her, '76 godard
vampyr, '32 dreyer
unknown pleasures, 2002 zhangke
kes, '68 loach

guess for the movie from recent years that's on a future list
fish tank, 2009 arnold
paranoid park, 2007 van sant
lost in translation, 2003 coppola

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