11 March 2012

Cool and the Crazy (1994)

Joannie: Sorry guys. She don't know what she wants.
Joey: Oh, and that's - what makes her interesting

Jack: Loraine said you'd be here sooner or later, kid. It's, uh, it's the way you're dressed - it placed it for me. You're part of hidden America - that's lost for ideals yet is still trying to find out where it's at. But, still holding onto old, comfortable ways of American macho madness, forged in Iwo Jima.

Loraine: See, you've got these rules Michael; whose rules are they? I mean, whose dream are you buying into? You know, you've been angry for so long you don't even know it. We're all scared. But somehow we don't believe that babies, tv sets, two-car garages, and McCarthy are going to make us happy. You think Roslyn did something wrong - maybe in your world she did. But in our world, she's just fighting for some sort of freedom. Freedom from slavery she can't even explain. Don't you see Michael? Life is not wall-to-wall carpeting, with half-down, the rest of your life to pay. You and I had a good time. Some tenderness. But you can't even enjoy it, because somewhere in your mind it was dirty, un-American. Figure out what you want Michael. I'm not sure time is on your side. At any rate, adios. I'll send you the bill.

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