17 January 2012

California Dreaming (1979)

"My brother Phil, he was always talking about the ocean, and how he'd like to be able to see the ocean and play his trumpet at the same time. So I thought if I could go where I could see the ocean, and play one of his recordings ---"

I like it when TT (Dennis Christopher) enjoys himself, like in the above photo, wherein a pretty blonde comes near him, and he smells her hair, and her breasts rub against him.

Breasts rubbing against TT make TT smile, and I like it when he smiles. He's come from Chi-Town and wants to live the California lifestyle. According to TT and the movie the California life involves volleyball, surfing, movies, making out with girls, and pure hanging out.

Seems pretty badass to me.

TT: Do you prefer extended foreplay or a more spontaneous coming together?
Corky: TT why do you always manage to say something ridiculous?
TT: I read too many books I - I think.
Corky: Well why don't you just be quiet for a while?

The movie has some character developments and narrative arcs and stuff, but I don't know why, those things make the California dream feel like an interchangeable backdrop for a formulaic drama. I prefer the movie when it's pure hang out, when it's about the sun hanging in the sky, the waves rolling on the beach, people laughing, etc., I like it when it feels like a California dream.

One character, Duke Slusarski (Seymour Cassel), brags about his exciting life all the time. Cool guy IMO, but some of the kids think he's full of bologna and are irritated by him. The movie does a mean thing to Duke. Its point is that the California dream can't sustain itself forever, but the film makes this point in several other ways too. I'm not sure the loudest expression of a point is necessarily the best or truest. I'm definitely sure that the thing the movie does to Duke doesn't make TT smile, and I like it when TT smiles.

If I made a movie titled California Dreaming it wouldn't end in the rain. It's like, why even want to dream then. I want to dream of escaping the rain, so that during the day I can think of my dream, and think that maybe the rain can be escaped. I think it's okay to make a movie about smiles. Seems okay to dream about a place of smiles.

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